It’s the last resort for the patients for whom other options weren’t successful or who can’t have the other options, and also it’s the most successful one.


    • It’s the procedure where implants maintaining erection are placed within the pipes allowing erection in the penis (cavernous objects).
    • success rate is quite high. (95-99%)
    • Commonly used implants are semi-rigid, silicon type and inflatable and hydrophilic.
    • Sexual partner is satisfied more. (Since the erection desired is maintained through penile implants, both male and female individuals get more pleasure.)
    • Today, in developed countries, typically 3 part inflatable penile implants are preferred. After the procedure of 3 part penile implant, satisfaction of the patient and his sexual partner can go up to 90%.


• Inflatable implants are much more expensive and are inflated before sexual intercourse and can go back to original satte after the intercourse.
• Operations may be conducted under general or regional (spinal/epidural) anaesthesia. These implants may be placed through a 4-5 cm section below or above the botttom part of the penis. 1 day hospitalization is enough after the operation. (Operations scars are almost invisible when it comes to sections under penis (scrotal))
• It can also be conducted on the patients with curvature and/or pain during erection (Peyronie’s) and erection disorders at the same time.
• one of the frequently asked questions regarding penile implants is whether it will be noticed by other persons. Penile implants don’t impose any problems with the sexual partner during sexual intercourse. Especially when the pumped and flexible types are selected, it would be almost impossible for your partner to notice.
• Penile implant is just a treatment that provides sufficient erection for sexual intercourse. It doesn’t effect the ejaculation or the chance of having children.



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