In our day it is possible to offer treatments for lack of libido, just as for other sexual dysfunctions. The important point is to find out the cause of loss of libido. In order to exclude loss of libido related to physical (organic) problems, first must be realized a urologic examination and some hormone tests. If there is a physical dysfunction (especially the lack of testosterone), good results can be obtained by administrating hormonal therapy medicines. Some hormones also (Thyroid hormones etc.) can have effects on the loss of libido. Hormone levels should be followed regularly during the treatment.  

A research should be executed to know if exists any neurogenic, vascular or anatomic problem. If there is physical (organic) problem behind the loss of libido, then this problem should be fixed.  
The age, general health status and sexual experiences in the past should be taken into account.  

The loss of libido in men generally arises with other sexual dysfunctions, especially erection problem (impotence). At this point the patients unfortunately and unconsciously commit a great mistake as using uncontrolledly some medicines (sildenafil, tadalafil etc.) stimulating blood circulation towards the penis. 
If the erection problem (impotence) brings about the loss of libido, first the erection problem should be treated. The erection of the penis increases the men’s sexual appetite as well as the frequency of good sexual intercourses. 

The loss of libido is generally due to psychologic factors. The most important is to find out the reason behind the loss of libido. The patient’s sexual story should be taken into account and if he is married, it will be very useful to listen his comments about his married life. The reasons behind this problem should be examined. In the treatment, solutions focused on the reasons are very important. Once the factors reducing or inhibiting sexual appetite are found out, then it must be focused on reviving repressed sexual desires. 

The treatment of loss of libido requires a multi-directional approach. However it varies according to the situation and, the most important, psychological state of the patient. 
Sexual therapies have a very important role to treat the loss of libido caused by psychological problems. Cognitive sexual therapies may be applied to reconstruct the sexual knowledge of the patient by eliminating erroneous information and giving more information during the sexual therapies. 
Since the sexuality is an intercourse between two persons, the sexual partner also should be taken into account where necessary.  
Sometimes a fundamental information given by the doctor, eliminating a wrong information about the sexuality, realizing the problems of his partner and taking steps to fix them or stopping using an inappropriate medicine, so some little touches, may be quite enough to get rid of the problem.  

While the loss of libido sometimes is treated easily, in general is a problem with multiple causes. For this reason, the loss of libido should be examined with a detailed multi-directional approach. 

The loss of libido in men in the future may cause marital problems. Moreover, it may cause depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, chronic sadness and concentration problems. So it must be treated as soon as possible.

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